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Under this category You will find Vinyl/PVC Tops for Her.

Sleeveless PVC Top

Sleeveless PVC Top

This waist-long top gives You the possibility to choose between having it totally zipped up, giving a strict and intriguing feeling, or to zipp it down to show off as much skin and decolletage as You wish! Which means; You can get several different looks with the same garment, that is really good variation possibilities!

Our high-shine PVC is of fantastic quality and fits like a glove on Your body! If You like Vinyl/PVC this is the absolutely best material that You can wear and the shine is almost comparable to latex (therefore perfect for those who are allergic to latex). It is superbly four-way stretchy and feels like a dream against Your skin!
The inside of this PVC-fabric is soft and smooth, doesn’t feel stiff and sticky as many other PVC-materials does, which makes it so nice to wear and it shapes itself perfectly to Your body.
Our whole PVC-line works splendidly on all fetish/BDSM parties with a strict dresscode but You can also mix and match it with “regular” clothes and it will work wonders on a mainstream pub or a dancefloor! Or just use it in the bedroom to spice things up a bit; to wear this material makes You feel like You are dressed in sensuality and sex!
If You want some extra shine You simply polish You PVC-clothes with a cloth. You will get the best result with our “beGLOSS WIPE - Perfect Shine Polish Wipe” which You will find under Latex Clothing – Other Latex Products. That amazing wipe will give the ultimate shine to both PVC and latex!
To maintain the materials shine and suppleness/flexibility we recommend that You wash Your PVC-clothes with ”beGLOSS Special Wash VINYL” which You will find under Vinyl/PVC Clothing – Other Vinyl/PVC Products. By using this specially designed washing agent You are assuring that Your PVC-clothes will last longer and look absolutely stunning! NOTE: Hand wash with cold water.

Product Specification:
Color: Black
Material: Vinyl/PVC

Brand: Chambers of Love

SEK 699

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